Sunday, May 20, 2012

Procrastinating by the window never felt so productive

Alright, so quick synopsis of where this sandwich is at: picture greenery, farmland, wetland, hills, trees, mosquitoes, bon fires, and chickens and there you have it. I am currently enrolled in a class, Wetland Ecology at Loyola's retreat and ecological campus in Woodstock, IL called LUREC. It is beautiful. It is only my second day here and I haven't started the actual course yet so I may be singing a different song by the time class starts but for now I am happily sitting by the window enjoying the breeze and hiding from the glare of my "Wetland Ecology" textbook I still have yet to crack open. A couple summers ago I attended a summer program in Oxford, England and studied Shakespeare and now I get to study ecology and be a farmer. I think I had a realization many young people do called "Oh my God I have no idea what I'm doing with my life"...I then reminded myself I am only turning 21 this month not 100, I've got some time to figure it out. Just reading the few pages I have about Wetlands, and having taken the handful of courses in Environmental fill in the blank, I am saddened by the lack of connection we have to our environment. Now I know it is all the rage to saddle up your high horse, buy soy cheese, and flip through the magazines to buy a purse made from recycled paper; but, hopefully soon the public will buckle down and get serious. Lord knows I saddled my high horse quite some time ago when I became a vegetarian, and bought a new saddle when I changed my major from secondary ed/English to Biology. I like feeling like I am doing something, and other people aren't. I enjoy hiding behind my major and pointing my finger at others to say "well at least I'm studying something of value." But come on, who am I kidding, knowing how to draw a mechanism and protonate a carbonyl is really, in the grand scheme of things,  not the solution.
Honestly, it isn't about who is better than who; we need to become a community again. We have been competing for who is right, and who is wrong, and who is to blame for too long. Nothing gets done pointing fingers.
 Oh jeez when you sat down to read this I bet you didn't think some 20 year old high school drop out was going to lecture you about that steak you just grilled- BUSTED. Alright, guess I just had to put some ideas down on...paper? Now, I can buckle down and actually educate myself, textbook here I come!
 Oh whoops spoke too soon, LUNCHTIME Until we meet again,
 -Veggie wrap

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