Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Its not all bad

Just an update since I think I may have been a tad cranky in the last post. It is not all bad, although beetle patrol was a little trying tonight, we do get some perks being on the farm such as: fresh eggs, fresh veggies, a nice hand tan, some great tea, an overwhelming sense of superiority over all others...to name a few.
But back to beetles....note to self- wear a hat next time even if it is not sunny out the beetles will fly into your hair, get caught, and leave you with a feeling you will never be clean again.
On a brighter note, I felt like such a beetle bad ass I got in from doing animal chores, had to shower the sense of bugs crawling on me off and encountered two giant spiders that I promptly stepped on without any funny business of screaming, squealing, or squirming.
Also my boss just brought down pesto she made from the basil we picked today...I might not forever be a farm girl, but I value my time here, and always enjoy free food!
- A happier potato wrap

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