Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waking up at 10:00? What is this Nonsense

Most 21 year olds would find themselves stumbling around in the dark at 4am in a drunken stupor, coming home to go to bed, this past June I found myself stumbling around trying to feed a goat...Now there is no goat. No more bitch slappin beetles, no more leggy friends in the shower, no more sweating out my eyeballs. I mean am I expected to shower now? Brush my hair? PUT ON MAKEUP? Can I not eat 500000 calories  because I no longer workout for 11hrs a day? Why is there not kale growing on my porch in Rogers Park? Since when is getting off of work early getting off after 6.5 hours?
I have to starting lifting shit so I can sustain my big farm muscles, maybe I'll pick some fights on the Redline (don't worry mom I won't, I wouldn't want any thugs to lose their street cred getting beat up by a "little" blonde girl.) This morning I slept until 10am, I gotta get my life together man- laying around until 10am!?! Now it is almost 1pm and the most physical thing I have done is chew.
Returning to work at Pinkberry was weird, I now appreciate the wonderful organic fruit I picked for endless hours, and the sprayed pile of crap we serve on our yogurt is no comparison to the big juicy blueberries I got to savor out in the field. I want to throw something at the customers who complain about the pineapple being mealy  WE ARE FLYING THEM FROM TIMBUKTOO SO YOU CAN TOP YOUR STUPID FAT FREE CUP OF SUGAR...I don't think that my manager would appreciate that though. Although yesterday I did have a customer come in and get a cone, and she noticed her stamp card was almost full, which means she can get a free small with toppings. She inquired if she could get a cone vs a cup, I said no because the whole free small thing causes a great deal of controversy and there are NO SUBSTITUTIONS, even though a cone is actually cheaper than a small. I said we had a waffle cookie she could put in it for the coney aspect; she nicely commented that it wasn't about the toppings it was saving the cup for you know the planet's sake. I immediately fell in love. Also I said that if she got me as a server I would make an exception, because honestly the amount of waste we produce there hurts my soul so rock on cone woman. Rock. On. 
Alright, well I think I will keep my eyes and ears open for any volunteer opportunities around the city, because I think I might be into this whole environmental movement? Also coincidentally I think I can get away with not showering or putting on makeup because I'm saving water, and the environmental...that totally works, right?
Until we meet again,
- Roasted Squash and Bleu Cheese on Croissant

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