Friday, July 20, 2012

Showering and laundering less: perks of being an environmentalist

So yeah Mom, I only shower Monday and Thursdays now, but it rained pretty hard on Wednesday and walking home from work I got soaked...I mean down to my underwear drenched so I'm thinking it counts, does my  boyfriend think it counts? I don't know he's out of town.
But back to walking home, so I was on the phone with my roommate (while staying alert and aware of my surroundings and no of course it wasn't past midnight) and I passed by this large lump of a man who I had to pause and check out to make sure he was breathing. I wasn't sure if he was dead and it was one of those moments where you get to feel absolutely awful about yourself. I mean do I linger? Do I nudge him? Although very buff from my farm experience I still don't think the general public would think I could beat them up, so if this man was scary or aggressive I would be attacked and this post would be called something like "Don't wake a homeless man after midnight". I wanted to leave him the watermelon I had taken from the store (because we throw it out at the end of the night...because apparently it doesn't last in the fridge or some shit) but I didn't...It was like that Louie C.K. stand up, he talks about feeling good about himself for THINKING about giving up his first class seat to a uniformed officer whenever he flies but he never actually offers his seat. For the past few weeks I have come across situations where I could have done nice, helpful, good Samaritan things and haven't because it is inconvenient. And plagued with guilt I type this post. I mean honestly it is as simple as helping an old man walk down the stairs of the El; I think people are afraid of people I know I am, even just of smiling at someone. I mean COME ON, it is pretty decent to get smiled at, you never get shot in the face for smiling at strangers when you make awkward eye contact, and if you do well then at least the last thing on your face is a smile.  But for real, it feels a lot better to get smiled at when I walk to work downtown, there is always a slew of people and getting scowled at is just unpleasant.
I used to be one of those people too, I mean ask anyone I have a turned down mouth so if I am not smiling or actively engaging my face I look pissed off, or sad. Also I never smiled at people, because oh my gosh what if they thought I was weird, or what if they said hello... disastrous!
So moral of the story, probably don't wake up a homeless man. It would also have been strange to leave him a baggie of cut watermelon, although relatively harmless so that goes in the maybe column. BUT definitely smile because if nothing else you will brighten your own day.
Oh yeah and in regards to the title of this post, I'm showering today I promise, and possibly doing laundry; but in general I do shower less I also workout less so that's a trade off. Also I don't reuse underwear but all other things can totally be used like 3 times at least, although I wouldn't recommend smelling my socks. Conserve water, and smile.
Until we meet again,
-Honey roasted tofu and swiss

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