Friday, June 29, 2012

Clever title about the adventures that ensued this week

Oops I've gotten lazy, sorry folks...from the lack of wit in the title you should prepare yourself for a rather dull post. Why? Perhaps because it is over 100 degrees out, perhaps because I am rethinking the stale crackers and peanut butter I consumed for lunch, or perhaps because life on the farm has been pretty uneventful. (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, lalalalalalala's a song, I promise. I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell)
ALIGHT lets get this party started! SO, My boss went out on an adventure earlier this week to pick up organic peaches for her CSA, and she came back with a LOT I mean a ton, and we sorted through them and made trays of "rejects" vs "good" and even the good ones had some significant damage, but it was dry damage, not mushy damage. Because guess what guys, fruit isn't perfect, it isn't meant to be. We eat these strawberries the size of our heads in October, and it is LUDICROUS. We have grown accustomed to perfect food, and I include myself in this "we"; as I sort through the peaches some of them that were "good" I thought  looked terrifying with dried up brown nicks.  One peach with some fishy damage I showed to my boss who responded with, " Yeah that's fine, there's probably a worm at the pit somewhere, but that's OK". A WORM! And then I thought, well yeah, a worm and when you cut up the peach you find it and you throw that little bit away (or compost it!) and then you consume your non steroid, all natural, totally juicy and delightful peach.
This experience has opened my eyes to a lot of new things, and I consider myself a pretty open environmentally friendly gal, I mean come on, I AM a vegetarian of course! But in all seriousness, maybe this is just my young naive doe eyed blonde self coming out, I believe we can adapt and change our food system to one that is geared toward sustainability.  "An old dog can't learn new tricks" is bullshit, and it is just a lazy excuse for people to not separate their plastics from the trash. And I might not be old, but I certainly have learned some new tricks. If last year you told me I would be squishing beetles between my fingers, wiping their guts on my shirt, and continuing on with my day...I would have laughed - hysterically. Last semester I was paralyzed standing on a chair and called my roommate on the phone to have her come out of her room to kill a centipede on the floor.  Things you are forced to deal with, and adapt to end up becoming easier and easier.
Yesterday there was a giant, and I mean the size of a small golf ball with 8 legs spider in the shower. I stared it down, and it didn't spontaneously die, so I went to the kitchen put on my boots, stepped in the shower, yelled DIE, and squished it, this morning I did the same thing without the yelling for one on my wall. Now, yeah, I recognize revolutionizing the way we consume is a little more radical than me learning to kill spiders, but I think you get the point.
Oops lunch break is over, gotta go!
- Cream cheese and Peanut butter on wheat.

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