Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I work out: Day 2

Day 2 of Farming:
It was a 6am day today, what is up sunlight? 6am start means 5:15 wake up to feed my loving caffeine addiction; it also means finding another large friend in my shower and responding like the true adult I am and closing the curtain.
We harvested berries... Admit it, you were picturing some frolicking in fields, and serious skipping with baskets, this however, is completely and utterly wrong. It is lots of squatting,  reaching, bending, hot hot sunning, and fighting with thorns on raspberry plants. It was 6-12:30 of me feeling like I had stayed in the same exact spot finding new berries with each new leaf moved. It was fun!
Yeah, so then an inappropriate amount of food later, I returned to the field and my boss took me to another farm to get her bales of hay she stores there. The other farm is also organic, but the do more crop farm stuff- like wheat, and corn- it was awesome to see those fields, they were super clean. No weeds, as far as I could see, which was heartwarming because people tend to rag on organic farmers for having very weedy fields- well take that big corporate America. We climb up to the top of the barn where the bales are stored and she explains I should be careful because there are holes in the boards. Holes in the boards I am standing on? Yes. Holes in the boards I am standing on that are covered in hay? Yes. Um is there a light switch please.
After some serious tiptoeing and gluteus maximous clenching, I got a grip on the strings of the first bale. Then my boss directs me to a small opening in the side to haul it out of, she warns me against falling out of the little door, I give a half smile because I think she is joking. She is not. She then shares a tale of how the man's father who owns the farm once tossed out some hay and fell with it toppling to the ground, he was relatively alright until his son accidently ran over him immediately following...
Well, that's terrible, I think to myself, but I mean come on- I got this, I work out. Two heaves later I stumble forward and realize how easy it is to not let go while trying to propel this giant hay thing out a tiny window.
I didn't fall out the window in case you were worried, nor did I fall through the boards. I am alive, SURPRISE.
The rest of the day went by quick and my roommate and I ventured back out to the field to pick some things to make for dinner. That sentence alone makes this experience totally worth it. Even if I do make a new 8 legged friend each morning, I GET TO PICK MY DINNER!
SO yeah, exciting day!
- BLT hold the B
PS. I'm not a total wimp by the way, I totally stepped on a monster, I'm talking American style obese, ant today- inside- and wiped it up all by myself. Granted there was serious squirming and whining but baby steps guys, baby steps.

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