Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Number...? Silly rabbit farms are for dogs!

Ok, you caught me I haven't been posting everyday. It is Friday. Yesterday I was up at 5am to do animal chores, and we worked until Netflix looked more attractive and took less brain power than writing, plus I made a promise that I wanted to learn something each day to share with you, my oh so loyal readers (aka my mother, thanks mom!) and I haven't done any outside readings. I'm slackin'.
 SO, what have you been up to? Oh please you go first I insist, we always talk about me...ALRIGHT I guess I'll start:
Yesterday was another harvesting morning, so we picked blueberries- which was a million times better than raspberries because blueberries are not out to get you. Blueberries are friendly, their vines don't have prickles and they don't bend and twine and hide from you, they are also less delicate and therefore don't break if you get too excited while picking them.  So we are jollily picking blueberries and then we hear one of the dogs digging and making a raucous by a bush. Shortly after, we hear some squeaking, like she found some sort of toy, and she had! She had found many toys in the form of little baby bunnies.  She destroyed them one by one, each helplessly squeaked before submitting to what sounded like a not so quick and quite painful death. My boss tried to call over the other dog, because she thought the other one would be a little more considerate with her killing- but she wanted nothing to do with the mass murder, and I understood turning down the invitation of looking at the dying bunnies I responded with,
"No thanks, I'm a vegetarian."
Now, I know this is a farm, and life on the farm involves some brutality, I mean the fight I had with the black raspberry bushes today was not a pretty sight my friend, but it was a little shocking to listen to some baby bunnies be torn to bits. In the end the rabbits would have eaten the berries and although it would make my job here easier if there were no berries, it would also make it non existent. I guess I still have a tougher coat of skin to grow, which would come in handy while fighting raspberries-

Until I learn some shit,
- Golden Browned Boca

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